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Beyonce “Holy Grail” slayed my soul @ 10:37pm est

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this video keeps me young


Thank god this has over a million notes


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Morning selfies in bed. Somebody didn’t want to get up!

avant blargh

Tibetan Monks living in exile in India flew to Ferguson to show support for Mike Brown and community.

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I went from “this is a frustrating waste of toothpaste” to silently staring, wide-eyed and slightly frightened.


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Know your rights:—but prepare for them to be violated.If you have to deal with cops, do it right!If the police stops you: 1. Ask, “Am I free to go? If yes, walk away.” If not, then you are being detained.2. Ask, “Why are you detaining me?” To stop you, the officer must have a “reasonable suspicion” of your involvement in a specific crime— not just a guess or stereotype.If a cop tries to search your car, house, or clothing, say REPEATEDLY that you DO NOT CONSENT to the search. Remember that cops will try to use sneaky tactics of manipulation.In most cases they will be likely to:First, ask if you have illegal drugs or weapons. If you say “no,” the officers will usually ask if they can search you and your vehicle. If you say “no” again, they may call for a dog to smell for drugs, try to intimidate you into allowing a search, or keep your driver’s license to prevent you from leaving. Do not open your trunk or door— things that can be seen in plain sight could be used as probable cause, allowing them to search your vehicle or home. Police will do anything to get into your car including suggesting to you that if you have nothing to hide, you would let them search. This is where you again repeat that you DO NOT CONSENT!In most cases, when cops are aware that you know your rights they will admit defeat and simply leave or just write you a ticket. ACCEPT your ticket, whatever it may be, you have just won. If at home, step outside and lock your door— They will in every case ask if they may come in and take a look inside:For example: If an officer states that he smells marijuana, you can simply revert back the question by replying, “I don’t smell anything officer.”Ask to see the warrant, be courteous and check for the proper address, judge’s signature, and what the warrant says the cops are searching for. Everything must be correct in a legal warrant; otherwise tell the cops you do NOT consent.Be aware that cops can do a pat search of the outside of your clothing,in NO circumstance may they check your bags, purses, and inside your pockets without your consent.So what you need to know is:Do not physically resist, be respectful, and DO NOT CONSENT!If the police arrest you: Say repeatedly, “I don’t want to talk until my lawyer is present.” Refuse to talk until your lawyer arrives.Don’t talk to other inmates about your case.If you’re on probation, tell your P.O you’ve been arrested, but nothing else about the incident.The Fourth Amendment - Guards against unreasonable searches and seizures, along with requiring any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause.The Fifth amendment - The right to have a trial/ due process. (If you disregard the NDAA of course)The Sixth amendment - The accused shall have the right to a speedy and public trial and have the assistance of an attorney/lawyer for his defense.Exercise your rights people! Know them and practice them!

Every USian should know this shit by heart.


Laverne Cox shoots for Luke Fontana

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Betty white throwing shade en We Heart It.